Why Choose EBI

Why Eternal Beauty Institute?

In today's advanced marketplace choosing the right education is key to success. But what defines success? At Eternal Beauty we have a program that is designed to ensure your future.

We understand what it takes to take our students to the next level. Through our passion and commitment we have created an empire. We want to show you the stepping stones to creating your own! So Dream Big with us. Eternal Beauty operates on a progressive learning format that allows our students to make money while in school, to maximize their time and talents and to create not only skills but business success !!! Our boutique-style learning format consists of a one-on-one learning environment with our instructors! You will work hand-in-hand with our marketing experts as we guide you to navigate the exciting and lucrative world of beauty! We know business and branding and we are dedicated to pushing our students to become guru's in the industry and absolute masters of the art of aesthetics.

Our Mission

May We All Remain Eternally Beautiful …in Mind, Body and Spirit. Through a Diligent Passion for the Exceptional, the creation Hope & Success through Creativity and the Spirit of Kindness. To teach and Mentor others is the Greatest Pursuit one can undertake. A Wise Teacher holds the Power to Change the World

- Barbara L. McBean

Our Vision

As we gaze into the future…….we see a beautiful world. One in which our students can create unlimited success for themselves and their families. A world that is both equal and just. Where no matter the colour of your skin, the economic situation you find yourself or your level of education – you will become who you were meant to be. Within each of us there is a magic. There is the ability to go far beyond our wildest expectations. It takes courage and it takes handwork. Our vision and purpose is to help our students see this force and potential in themselves. To show our students the path to greatness; so that they too might create that same purpose for their own lifes work.

Our Value

Eternal Beauty Institutes are built on a foundation of hope and unlimited potential.

These are two characteristics we see in our students. We deeply value the individuality of every person that enters our institutions. It is this spirit of independence and individuality that Eternal Beauty Institutes harnesses to mold greatness into our graduates. Creativity is what makes this world diverse and rich. The beauty industry is art coming to life. It is the ability to look at a person I carve out the fantasy that awaits in their soul. The fairytale version they always dreamed they could be. We can all become eternally beautiful inside and out…..through a diligence to our art and our skills; but most importantly how we approach life and how we care for others. Compassion always, compassionate beauty for our clients and our students. Creativity is the lifeblood of what we are here to bring to life. Passion for innovation and for the betterment of humanity. Demonstrating to women their own power and their ability to create the life of their dreams. Walk with us. Let us build a dream together. #DREAMBIG with ETERNAL BEAUTY.

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The 5 Keys To Success

These five key elements are pillars of success for our students

Technical Skill & Artistry

To make it in the cosmetic and medical spa industry you need to be on your A game. There is no room for second best so we have developed a formula for success starting with superior technical training and artistic training. We do not allow over 4 students in each class (where all other schools have 15 even 20 +). These one on one class size settings allow our master instructors to work at creating students that become the best in the biz!

Technical Skill And Artistry

Marketing & Image

Here at Eternal Beauty we can not stress this point enough. Your presentation matters. This is the beauty industry and so you need to learn how to walk the walk, talk the talk and look the part. Marketing, Advertising, Brand Creation and more are included in all of our short term and long term programs. To ensure the successful career launch for all our students.

Marketing And Image

Customer Relations & Sales

One of the most important aspects of business and ultimately your success is how to properly offer client consultations and how to turn that potential client into a sale. There is nothing more valuable in this industry than learning strong closing skills. We focus specifically on this aspect with all of our students to groom them into the next Guru's of the beauty industry!

Customer Relations And Sales

Attention To Detail

The small things matter, especially to your clients. This is an career that is won by a tiny hair-stroke or 1 mm of perfect symmetry. Beauty is somewhat about achieving perfection. Helping your clients find the most perfect version of their own aesthetic. So you need to learn to care diligently about each and every small detail. That is how you will achieve the highest success and we will be there to guide you every step of the way!

Attention To Detail

Work/Life Balance

The most exciting part of the aesthetics and medical aesthetics industry is the ability to be your own boss! Financial goals are easily met with free time in abundance! Treatments range from $199 - $1500 per treatment meaning you can really make an excellent living by working from home; working with a medical spa or both!

Work/Life Balance

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